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Canect are a Nottinghamshire based manufacturer of pressurised canister spray adhesive.

Canect are proud to produce only the highest quality adhesives by sourcing the best resins from around the world.

Our formulations are completely unique to us and have undergone rigorous testing before being marketed.

We continue to research and develop new adhesives to keep up with the demand within the industry, using independent test centres to ensure realistic working conditions.

Disposable and recyclable canisters

Canect understand that empty canisters can become a burden to dispose of, this is why we have invested in a range of recyclable canisters.

We are able to offer the recyclable canisters in a wide range of sizes: 17kg (22 Litre), 51kg (66 Litre), 85kg (110 Litre), 175kg (225 Litre).

New edition to the range, the COMET CANISTER with 12.95 litres of adhesive in a woven carbon composite cylinder concealed within a hybrid polypropylene red and black shell. The Comet canister features two large soft grip handles with a wide base giving you unlimited mobility around the workshop or perfect for carrying on site. The market for disposable canisters is still very much active, which is why all of our adhesives are available in the white 17kg (22 Litre) canisters.

Which adhesive is best suited for my needs?

Please get in touch with us for free technical advice on which adhesive would be best suited for your application.

Our technical team are on hand every day to talk you through the product range, recommending the best adhesive for you.

Peace of mind when switching suppliers is something you can rarely come across. we are able to take samples of your substrates and put them through an enhanced aging process to demonstrate the final bond strength.

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