Spray Adhesive Manufacturing

adhesive spray gun

Canect are a Nottinghamshire based manufacturer of pressurised canister spray adhesive, We are not simply a filling and packing station for premixed spray adhesive products. Whilst we produce a wide range of Canect branded products for various markets, our extensive manufacturing facility allows us to produce spray adhesive mixes to exacting customer requirements and therefore supply these custom mixes in suitable canisters.

Canect are proud to produce only the highest quality adhesives by sourcing the very best resins from around the world. Our formulations are completely unique to us and have undergone rigorous testing before being marketed. We continue to research and develop new adhesives to keep up with the demand within the industry, using independent test centres to ensure realistic working conditions.


Canect supply adhesives all over the world to a variety of customers in their own brand of labelling. We have a team of technicians who will guide you through the process from the choosing of the correct adhesive, right down to the label design for the packaging.

Working closely with printing companies enables us to produce your own design of label on even the smallest of orders.

Utilising our European distribution hubs and sister companies around the world mean that the exporting of adhesive across the globe can be very cost effective.

If you would like to discuss your custom adhesive requirements including mass production / white label products, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1623 404601 or email info@canect.co.uk