Adhesive Not Spraying? – Winter is Coming.

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With the fast approach of the colder weather within the United Kingdom, we wanted to make sure all of our customers and fellow users of spray adhesive are reminded of the implications this may incur.

Even the most advanced and highly skilled users of spray adhesive may not be aware that cold weather can impact on the performance of any brand of spray adhesive, this is why we have displayed some tips below to help you through the colder months.

Spray adhesive, in 500ml aerosols and bulk canister systems all have a minimum operating temperature to preform efficiently. To find out what temperature your adhesive should be stored at please refer your suppliers MSDS (material safety data sheet)

Over the last 20 years of manufacturing spray adhesive, Canect have built an understanding on the realistic temperatures in which our customers use spray adhesive, which is why we use our own propriety blend of solvents and propellants to lower the minimum temperature in which they can be used.

This being said, when the temperatures fall to freezing and below, the canisters can take some time to warm back up. You may notice that your spray pattern has changed since the night before, to avoid this you can move the canisters into a warmer environment overnight.

Effect of the cold include; Spluttering, Intermittent spray pattern, “Wetter”.

If this happens, then please move the canister to warmer conditions and allow to reach its optimum temperature. Once warmed up, please turn off the valve and drain out any glue that is present in the hose/gun. Once cleared, turn back on the valve on the canister and flush through a fresh flow of adhesive.


For more information on why this happens please get in touch and we will be happy to talk you through the process.




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